MyPlate.Gov LogoSummer fun & education for the your children:  The Chefs for Kids program will be offered in July at the Cambridge Recreation Center located at 3930 Cambridge Street, LV 89119. The class dates are July 10, 17 and 24 from 10:30-11:30 a.m. Children between the ages of 6-9 are welcome to attend these free classes.

During the classes, the children will learn about and the various food groups, where to find sugar in drinks and snacks and how to make a healthful snack—which is a hands-on activity. Click here for all the details!

The Clark County Center for Sustainable Urban Food Production announces the fruit coming this week:  More Mid-Pride Peaches, Saturns, and some White Flesh Peaches.  We picked a lot of Early Babcock Peaches because the birds were having a field day, so those will need to ripen on your kitchen counter for a couple of days.  Burgundy Plums are very close. Visit/like the Master Gardener FaceBook page for up-to-date info.

WaterFaucetYes, it’s HOT outside … 117 degrees yesterday!  Make sure your landscape plants are getting adequate water to survive these extreme temperatures.

Know HOW MUCH water your irrigation system delivers.  A plant with one, 1-gallon emitter which is run for 1 full hour is getting one gallon of water each time.  This might support a small annual, but it is NOT enough for a shrub or tree.  Depending on the soil type and the size of the tree, 20-40 gallons (or more!) of water at a time are recommended.  This should be applied at a frequency of 2-3 times a week during the summer.  Apply sufficient water to soak the soil 24” – 36” deep…use a soil probe to check.   And remember to place your emitters where the roots are…they extend to the drip line. Or, consider a watering basin/well.  (Note: the SNWA recommendation of “4 minutes 3x a day” is for lawn irrigation with high pressure pop-ups.)

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