To become a Nevada Naturalist, participants completed a rigorous program of 85 hours of classroom and field study, including 20 hours of volunteer service; and completed a project on an environmental topic of their choice.  Topics covered included:  native plants and  animals; threatened and endangered species; ecology; biodiversity; conservation; geology; water; soils; and Mojave Desert survival skills.

The Fall Session, “Advanced Topics,” open to any NV Naturalist who has successfully completed the spring session, will begin on September 9, 2013.

For additional information on how to become a Nevada Naturalist, email Denise Parsons or call 702-948-5906.

Photo of Graduating class

NV Naturalist Program Spring 2013 Graduating Class: Front Row (L to R): Karen Petersen, Denise McConnell, Barbara Miller, Karla Shoup. Back Row (L to R): Danny Fesler, Kevin Ware, Marsha Sterling, Donna Duncan, Marikay Bremner, and Arno Baule. Not Pictured: Bill Bremner, Nick Saines, Steve Orr, Tim Vogt, and Dominic Taurone.