Photo of Dr. Angela O'Callaghan

Dr. Angela O’Callaghan, Social Horticulture Specialist

Each week, Dr. Angela O’Callaghan writes a horticulture column for the Moapa Valley Progress called Garden Spot. Last week Dr. O’Callaghan began explaining how the desert looks in the Spring…Spring in this desert is gorgeous. The breezes are fresh, and plants are full of surprises. New leaves appear on mesquites and desert willows, which were barren through the winter. In the mountains, evergreens show new growth. Barrel cactus display claret cups or golden yellow flowers; Joshua trees put on caps of creamy white; and ephemeral wildflowers pop out showy blooms that last an instant. It calls us to appreciate the glorious environment that surrounds a sprawling city.Another world is less visible: not curmudgeonly burros, nor skittish mustangs, not even elevated big horn sheep, although they are often hard to find. No, most desert life is “out of sight, out of mind.” Read more!