Little Books & Little Cooks LogoDr. YaeBin Kim, early care & education specialist with Clark County Cooperative Extension, has launched a new parenting education program to address both parenting and nutrition education needs called Little Books and Little Cooks.

The 7-week workshop series is offered to preschool-age children and their parents. The curriculum is based on a parenting education needs assessment performed in southern Nevada in 2011 and previous nutrition and parenting research. For more information on the program and the class schedue, click here!

Master Gardener LogoThere are just a few spots left for the Spring 2013 Master Gardeners of Southern Nevada training class!  Clark County Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners will hold a registration session on Tuesday, February 12 at 9 a.m. at the Lifelong Learning Center, 8050 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89123.  The Master Gardener program is open to adults who want to learn about 20 desert gardening topics such as Native Plants, Vegetables, Palms, Cacti and Succulents, Irrigation and more.  Details!

Did your plants suffer from the recent FREEZE? Read on!

Dykia (Succulent)

Dykia (Succulent)

The recent hard freezes in the Mojave have resulted in many phone calls to the MG Home Gardening Help Line (702-257-5555). Leaves of affected plants have turned brown (cannas, lantanas, tropical bird of paradise) or the leaves have turned pale and mushy (aloes, succulents, some agave and cacti).

Ideally, wait until after the danger of another hard frost is past before pruning damaged plant material since the old, crispy leaves can provide protection to the root system. (In Las Vegas, frosts have occurred as late as mid-March.) If you decide to prune now, keep an eye on the temperature and cover your plants if a freeze is predicted. Use sheets, blankets or burlap (not plastic which can freeze where it touches the plant.) For succulents, the mushy areas can serve as a breeding ground for bacterial rots, and these areas should be removed. Then, keep your fingers crossed and hope for new growth!

For other gardening quesitons, email the Master Gardeners or call the Help Line.

Cooperative Extension LogoThree University of Nevada Cooperative Extension faculty members have been promoted to full professors by UNR President Marc Johnson.

Sue Donaldson, Brad Schultz and Mary Wilson were notified earlier this month of their promotions to Rank IV status — the highest achievable faculty rank.

“Each of these educators have shown a sustained record of accomplishment, national recognition and professional standing,” Interim UNCE Dean and Director Jerry Buk said. “They’re great teachers and researchers — and they’ve touched the lives of everyday Nevadans with their outreach work.”

Please click here for more information.