Recycle LogoHoliday trees are one of the most recognizedtraditions of the holiday season. They make our homes smell lovely, we candecorate them and they provide a beautiful focal point for gifts. But whathappens after the holiday season? Most people simply throw their holiday tree away, yet when they are chipped into mulch, they become a valuable resource. This mulch is used in public gardens and parks across the valley to help conserve soil moisture and keep plants healthy. Recycling your holiday tree is a gift that will keep on giving back to the community. For more information about how to recycle your holiday tree, click here!

Photo of Richard with award

L-R: Ann Edmunds, Master Gardener Coordinator; Richard Leifried; and Dr. Angela O’Callaghan, Social Horticulture Specialist

Master Gardener Richard Leifried was honored at the December meeting for contributing over 20,000 volunteer hours on Master Gardener projects. Richard has been a Master Gardener in the Las Vegas program since 1994. He volunteers regularly on the Home Gardening Help Line (702-257-5555) and helps organize the monthly membership meetings. He was instrumental in bringing the International Master Gardener Conference to Las Vegas in 2009, and has worked on numerous community projects throughout his volunteer “career,” including at Old Mormon Fort, Red Rock, Spring Mountain Ranch, Desert Green and Winchester Park. The Master Gardeners of Southern Nevada salute Richard Leifried for his generosity and commitment to the community!

All 4 Kids LogoCooperative Extension’s All 4 Kids: Healthy, Happy, Active, Fit program was recently highlighted in International Innovation for its outstanding contributions to the childhood obesity epidemic.

All 4 Kids© was developed in 2008 to target childhood obesity issues within the US, and encourage preschool children to make positive nutritional choices and enjoy physical activities on a regular basis as part of a healthy lifestyle. Over the past five years, the project has expanded considerably and is now receiving nationwide recognition.

Cooperative Extension faculty members, Anne Lindsay, exercise physiologist, along with Drs. Madeleine Sigman-Grant, child nutrition and breastfeeding education specialist, and Teresa Byington, early childhood education specialist, collaborated to create this unique program in 2008. Since its inception, All 4 Kids© has reached close to 5,000 preschool children, teachers and families in Nevada, Oklahoma, Connecticut and New Jersey.

In the All 4 Kids© International Innovation article, topics addressed include: an overview of problems associated with childhood obesity; the main components of the “Ecological Model” that the program implemented; the long term plans for the program; the program structure; and information on the YouTube videos developed to compliment other established health and nutrition programs. Read the entire International Innovation article.