Life Stories Nevada, a memoir-writing class, has published its spring schedule.  Five, month-long classes will be offered January through May at locations throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

Life Stories Nevada is a program of the Clark County Cooperative Extension that helps older adults record their life stories for themselves and future generations. Click here for all the details about upcoming classes.

Cooperative Extension’s Nevada Naturalist program held their Fall 2012 Session Two graduation at Eldorado Canyon on November 3.

Back Row L to R:  Christi Puglisi, Susan Marland, Jennifer Vincent, Liz Kaplan, Carol Patterson, Diane Harrison.  Front Row L to R: Diane Dayley, B-J Rogers, Lisa Mosbey, Marv Stevens, Chig Foley. Not Pictured:  Dick Diskin, Heidi Huckelberry, Candace Ross.

To obtain their certificate, NV Naturalists attend 80 hours of classroom and field instruction and complete a project on an environmental topic of their choice.

For more information about the Nevada Naturalist program, contact Denise Parsons at 702-948-5906 or visit theNV Naturalist website.

At the December membership meeting milestone pins were presented to 61 Master Gardeners in recognition of their volunteer service since joining the Master Gardener program.

Also, students from the Fall 2012 class who completed 80-hours of training and passed the final exam were welcomed into the program as Interns.  They must complete 50 hours of volunteer service in order to become a Certified Master Gardener.  Read about the event here!

Group photo of the graduating class

Fall 2012 Master Gardener graduating class

Photo of Radon Test Kit

Can I smell it?  It is an odorless, colorless, invisible gas that can reach harmful levels when trapped indoors.  Radon can enter any home, old or new.  Two neighboring homes can have very different radon levels.

How can I tell if my home has high levels?  The only way to know what the radon levels are inside your home is to measure them.

How can I get my FREE test kit?   If you are ready to test your home for radon, attend a short presentation and pick up your free, short-term test kit.

“Winter is the ideal time to test your home for radon,” said Laura Au-Yeung, the Southern Area Radon Program Coordinator, “as most of us keep our homes closed up during cold weather.”


Young Man Holding Closed SignAll Cooperative Extension offices will be closed Thursday, November 22 for Thanksgiving Day and Friday, November 23 for Family Day. Offices will reopen on Monday, November 26. Thank you!