Ramona Woodard

Ramona Woodard

Ramona Woodard, community based instructor for the Food for Health and Soul program, taped a 3 minute video demonstrating how to make a heart-healthy bean vegetable stew. Click here to watch the video clip on Cooperative Extension’s YouTube site.

Barrel CactusThe Urban Center for Horticulture and Water Conservation—Master Gardener Orchard—is holding a cactus sale and BBQ on Thursday, July 19. Following the BBQ at 6:30 p.m., M.L. Robinson, environmental horticulture specialist for Cooperative Extension, will discuss tarantulas and Dr. David Charlet, professor of biology and environmental science at CSN, will talk about perspectives on climate change at 7:30 p.m.

The BBQ will offer hamburgers for $1.25 and soda for $.75. The discussion is FREE! The Master Gardener Orchard is located just east of the intersection of Decatur and Horse Road (NLV).  The BBQ, cactus sale and talks will be at the Center Headquarters (outside) near the three large canary island palms.


Basket of VegetablesVeggies by the Season is offered by Northeast Clark County Cooperative Extension beginning in July and continuing through October. During the classroom sessions and the hands-on opportunities, you will learn how to grow and harvest something fresh every month of the year in your backyard garden.

The program will be offered on Wednesdays, twice monthly, with a two-hour session, 9 – 11 a.m., at the Cooperative Extension office in Logandale (1897 N. Moapa Valley Blvd.).

Here is the class schedule:

July 18             Vegetable classification/Seeds and plants/Starting seeds indoors

July 25             Planning your garden/Raised beds/Soil sampling/Solarizing

August 8         Irrigation

August 22       Soil improvements/Fertilizers/Composting/Worm farm

September 5    Vegetable Classification/Direct seed sowing/Transplanting

September 19  Thinning/Harvesting/Irrigation timers

October 10      Season extenders/Mulching

October 24      Harvesting seed/Storing seed/Vegetable Classification

To register, click here!

Time is running out to register for Cooperative Extension’s  summer Science, Technology, 4-H LogoEngineering & Math day camp from August 14-18. The day camp, open to youth ages 7-11, will include activities in plant & animal sciences, health & nutrition, computer science, robotics and rocketry.

Youth participants will get to build and program a robot and build and launch paper rockets (weather permitting). Other activities include cooking healthy snacks, viewing and handling some desert animals, exploring desert plant life, playing cooperative games and using computer programs.  For details and to register, click here!