Bark BeetleIf invasive insects are not identified and controlled early, they can devastate plants. Recently, Yahoo! news posted that one of the world’s most feared insect pests has unexpectedly appeared in the US.  This is only one of a number of potential problems. Many worrisome pests can appear and do great damage, with negative financial, environmental and aesthetic repercussions.

Highly trained University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Master Gardener volunteers are working with community members to maintain the health of Nevada’s urban forests. Through the Citizens Monitoring for Invasive Bark Beetles program, Master Gardeners provide information on maintaining tree vigor by recognizing problems as they first arise, before extensive damage occurs.

This information is offered free of charge. Homeowners, landscapers and community groups can arrange to have a Bark Beetle workshop on their site or at the Cooperative Extension office in Las Vegas. Call Dr. Angela O’Callaghan at 702-257-5581 or email for more information.Bark Beetle