Apple TreeGET THE BEST FRUIT POSSIBLE ~ Sunday, May 8 at 11:00 a.m. at Plant World Nursery

Join Bob Morris at Plant World Nursery. Plant World  has brought in Bob’s recommended fruit trees from Dave Wilson Nursery for this event.

Bob will help you select the right fruit tree for you and your landscape. He will show you how to: plant, fertilize and water them and how to manage their pests organically.

 AND answer questions about:

  • Which Fruit Tree Is Best For Me and My Landscape?
  • How Do I Plant It the Right Way? Should I Prune It the Day I Plant It?
  • What Fertilizers Should I Use?
  • How Do I Get Big Peaches?
  • Which Products Should I Have for Controlling Pests and When Do I Use Them?
  • How Do I Get Fruit Before the Birds?
  • What Do I Do If I Have Problems?