BEE DAY AT THE ORCHARD–Is it possible to have a backyard beehive in southern Nevada?  Yes it is.  Come and find out how by attending Cooperative Extension’s beekeeping class on Saturday, April 16, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (UNCE) Orchard’s in North Las Vegas. Rodney Mehring, an 18 year veteran of beekeeping in the desert and owner of Blue Lizard Farm in Caliente, will teach the class and get you started as an amateur beekeeper in Southern Nevada.  No experience is necessary.  Registration for the full day class is $125 which includes lunch.

There are 12 beehives located at the UNCE Orchard in North Las Vegas. Bees aid in the pollination of fruits and vegetables at the Orchard and provide local honey for local chefs and the public through sales at farmer’s markets. This educational program, coordinated by Bob Morris, a Cooperative Extension horticulturist and The View and Las Vegas Review Journal columnist, is intended to encourage backyard beekeeping as a hobby and potential small-scale business.

Wire Basket of EggsEGG DAY AT THE ORCHARD–Egg producers in Southern Nevada supply tens of thousands of eggs to local consumers each year.  To honor our local egg producers the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s Orchard in North Las Vegas is sponsoring Egg Day on Saturday, April 16 from 9 am to noon.  Chef Ryan Taliaferro, formerly with the Ritz Carlton at Lake Las Vegas, will display egg recipes he created which have been inspired by locally produced eggs combined with other local foods from southern Nevada. A local egg producer will be present to discuss how high-quality, locally produced eggs are superior to other eggs and how buying local eggs supports our local economy. All recipes are simple enough to prepare at home. Reservations are limited to 30 attendees and require a $25 registration fee.

Both educational programs, conducted by Bob Morris, Cooperative Extension’s horticulturist and The View and Las Vegas Review Journal columnist, are  intended to encourage beekeeping and the  purchase of locally produced eggs and small-scale egg production in Southern Nevada.  

The UNCE Orchard is located approximately 100 yards east of the intersection of North Decatur and Horse Drive in North Las Vegas and is a research and demonstration facility designed to test the suitability of fruit and vegetable varieties for our desert climate and transfer the knowledge on how to grow them here.

For more information and to enroll in the class, contact Morris at or call the Master Gardener helpline at 702-257-5555.