Clip Art of BeesAre the bees disappearing? Are they all going to become killer bees? Is it possible to have a backyard beehive in southern Nevada? All these questions will be answered at Bee Day on Saturday, March 19 at University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (UNCE) Orchard’s in North Las Vegas beginning promptly at 9 am. Roger Mehring, an 18 year veteran of beekeeping in the desert and owner of Blue Lizard Farm in Caliente, will answer these questions and more. Mehring will walk you through what it is like to work with bees in the desert. Bee Day is a free event and open to the public. No registration is necessary.

There are 12 beehives located at the UNCE Orchard in North Las Vegas. Bees aid in the pollination of fruits and vegetables at the Orchard and provide local honey for local chefs and the public through sales at farmer’s markets. The UNCE Orchard is located approximately 100 yards east of the intersection of North Decatur and Horse Drive in North Las Vegas. Tours of the beehives and orchard will be provided by UNCE Orchard volunteers trained in beekeeping, and fruit and vegetable production.

For more information contact Morris at or call the Master Gardener helpline at 702-257-5555.