Greener Vegas LogoUniversity of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s horticulture programs have benefitted greatly from the generous donation from Repurpose AMERICA over the past few months.  In September, Greener Vegas worked with the Pennington Seed and Garden show at the Rio and received a generous amount of new product.  Greener Vegas, through the Repurpose AMERICA program, donated a multitude of gardening items to Cooperative Extension from that show. The donations included a variety of bird seed: suet, humming bird feeders, food and wild bird food. “We can’t thank Repurpose AMERICA enough for their donations of all the new and unused items,” added Dr. Angela O’Callaghan, Social Horticulture Specialist with Cooperative Extension, “the items will be used by our class participants and have an estimated value of about $3,000.”  Click here for more information.