So Nye County Labyrinth

So Nye County Labyrinth

What is a Labyrinth?  The labyrinth is a walking path offering a quiet place to: relax, contemplate, sort, pray, escape, discover, create, resolve, etc. It may be a profound silent place.  It may be a “time-out” place for some or it may be just a walk into the center and out. 

Where are Labyrinths found? There are private and public labyrinths all over the world. One of the most well-known and complex labyrinth is Chartres Cathedral, a little west of Paris, built in medieval times.  In Val Camonica, Italy, there is a labyrinth “pecked out of rock” that has been dated between 1000 and 1800 B.C. In the Netherlands, fisherman walked labyrinths before they left home praying for a good catch.  Frank Waters in Book of the Hopi, describes the labyrinths of the Hopi: “The whole myth and meaning of the Emergence is expressed by one symbol known to the Hopi as the Mother Earth symbol.” Today labyrinths are found in 39 states that are listed in a Labyrinth Directory, dated 2000.  Organizations such as hospitals, churches, hospice groups, libraries, community centers, retreat centers, colleges, V.A. medical clinics, prison, museums and many others provide labyrinths for public use.  

 In 2003, Master Gardener president, Alice Rossington, designed and enlisted the help of fellow Master Gardeners and constructed the labyrinth in our garden. This project took over four months to complete and is recognized on the Labyrinth Society website at:

Photo of Debbie Marcusson

Debra "Debbie" Marcusson

Debra “Debbie” Marcusson has been named University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Clark County Laughlin Extension Educator. She has extensive knowledge of the community, as well as experience in working with local government, state and educational agencies and local businesses. Marcusson’s areas of responsibilities are outlined here. 

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