The main objective of the Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Orchard is research and demonstration of fruit and vegetables that can be produced in the Eastern Mojave Desert. The Orchard is NOT A PICK YOUR OWN facility. All fruit is hand-picked by trained Orchard volunteers and sold to the public to recover the costs of production. Fruit is available from the Orchard Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings from 8 a.m. to Noon or until the fruit is gone. Fruit is also available on Thursday mornings at the Molto Vegas Farmers market from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We pick fruit only when it is tree ripened to maintain the highest quality. Fruit from the Orchard is now coming in strongly due to the increased heat. Most fruit is $2/lb unless blemished or substandard quality. Fruit available in limited quantities over the next week include: Garlic: Polish White, Corsican Red, Stull, Polish Hardneck, Nopal cactus. Desert Gold peach (blemished for $1/lb), Gold Dust peach, Chinese apricot, Flavor Delight aprium, Early Golden apricot, Royal apricot, Moorpark apricot, Arctic Star nectarines (blemished for $1/lb).

How to get to the Master Gardener Orchard: The Orchard is located 100 yards east of the intersection of North Decatur and Horse Drive. Take CC 215 to North Decatur and travel north about 3 ½ miles to Horse Drive and turn right (east). Approximate physical address is 4600 Horse Drive.

How to get to the Molto Vegas Farmers Market: take the Blue Diamond exit from I-15 and turn right (west). Travel to Dean Martin Drive (formerly Industrial Blvd.) turn right and travel about one mile north to Eldorado. Physical address is 7485 Dean Martin Drive, Ste 106.