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Photo of Radon Test Kit

Free Radon Test Kit

Receive your FREE radon test kit! Presentations are held throughout southern Nevada. Results show 1 in 4 homes have elevated levels.  It has no smell or taste and you can’t see it, but this gas can accumulate to harmful levels when trapped indoors.  If you haven’t tested your home for it, you could be exposing your family to a known carcinogen that can cause lung cancer over time. April community presentations are listed here!

4-H LogoThere is still time to register for University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s (UNCE) spring break Science, Technology, Engineering & Math 4-H day camp from March 29-31. The day camp, open to youth in grades 2-4, will include activities in basic sciences, nutrition, alternative energy, GPS/GIS, digital camera, robotics and rocketry.

Youth participants will get to build and race a robot and build and launch straw and paper rockets. Other activities include building an alternator and hands-on experiments with alternative energy. Click here for all the details.

Nevada N LogoThere’s another way to find information about University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s programs and events.  Check out the YouTube video sites.

Extension Connection is now available to view online at www.youtube.com/UNRExtension. Extension Connection is the premier Southern Area Cooperative Extension cable access TV show. Each month, two to three programs are showcased and aired on Clark County TV4, Boulder City TV and UNLV TV100. Extension Connection offers information about our programs, services and events available to the community.  Steven Hollingsworth, a community-based instructor with the Children, Youth and Families team, hosts the show.  Contact Marilyn Ming for more information.

Mulch Pile

Coarse, organic wood mulch

Back by popular demand—the Community Mulch Pile.  This is coarse, organic wood mulch chipped from trees removed in the Las Vegas community.  Rather than send this valuable resource to the landfill we are capturing it at University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Orchard and making it available for your use. For more information and directions to the Orchard, click here!