Photos of NV Naturalist ClassThe Nevada Naturalist program is looking for interested adults to participate.

The  program educates and trains adults interested in learning about the natural resources in southern Nevada.

Participants study natural resources, environmental education and interpretation, laws and regulations, and environmental issues.

The focus of the program is to give a broad understanding of nature to participants interested in learning, volunteering, teaching about environmental topics, providing community outreach, and participating in conservation projects and issues locally.

The program will also give participants the skills and confidence necessary to make a difference for environmental stewardship and conservation in southern Nevada.

American Rose Society logoIt’s time to bring your favorite “pet” roses to hear what the American Rose Society Apprentice and Horticultural Judges will be looking for at the annual April Rose Show.

Cooperative Extension and the So. Valley Rose Society are collaborating to assist you in learning the essential preparation techniques in the selection, transporting and grooming of your rose submission.

The Show will be held on April 15.






Young girl sitting on grass sneezingWhile we may complain bitterly about our plants enduring the incredible heat, the terrible soils and the ongoing drought, we in southern Nevada sometimes forget that we too might suffer from the environment.

Sneezing, eyes tearing, skin itching, throat swelling – if you have experienced any of these, you know how miserable it can be to have allergies.

For good reason, spring is the time that people think of as the awful allergy season but we should not forget that autumn is also a time when certain plants produce pollen in abundance.

These include desert natives such as sagebrush and saltbush. Read more!