Line of Red rosesThe April meeting of the South Valley Rose Society will highlight the winners of the District  convention in Pasadena.

Enjoy a pictorial overview after just four days returning from the District Convention in Pasadena.

Come and relive all the category winners, including Novice and especially Rose Photography.

Learn new show tips and discuss how beneficial were last month’s preparation meetings.

Hula HoopsCreate a fun zone at home and get moving.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends watching TV no more than an hour or two a day.

Turn off the TVs, computers and video games and create some fun physical activity!

Get out some hula-hoops (or other circular object) and see how many things your family can invent to do with the hoop!

First allow children to use the hoops in any way they like (making sure that the hoops are used safely).

Here are more ways to use the hoops!

Garden ToolsDuring April, the Master Gardeners invite the community to visit the Demonstration and Test Gardens as part of the In the Garden series.

Residents are encouraged to bring their gardening questions to the rose, vegetable and her gardens.

Each Friday, garden tours are conducted by the Master Gardeners. The gardens offer over 1300 species of desert-adapted plants that are identified by botanical and common names.

For date and times, visit Cooperative Extension’s website.

Volunteers plant vegetables in the gardens.

Volunteers plant vegetables in the gardens.

The Zion Garden Park, an agricultural assistance program, along with University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, is offering free community workshops with chef demonstrations during the spring/summer.

Topics include planning healthy meals in minutes; growing fruit at home; meal planning for diabetes; organic gardening; and more.

Find more information on exact dates on the website.