We are proud to announce our February Leader of the Month is Megan Hunewill.

Megan is a Smith Valley 4-H Leader who has been volunteering with 4-H for the past 24 years. Megan became involved in 4-H as a youth member  where she showed cattle. After graduating from college, Megan became involved with 4-H again, this time as a leader. Megan has been the beef club, and the ski club leader for Smith Valley 4-H.

It is clear to anyone watching that Megan truly enjoys working with her club members and the youth respect and admire Megan. “I love the kids and doing things in a hands on way with them.  They are often learning skills that they will carry on into their adult life” explained Megan.

Lyon County 4-H is extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated beef and ski leader, we are very thankful for Megan and all her years as a 4-H volunteer leader.


4-H Beef Club Workout

4-H Beef Club Workout

Interested in joining 4-H? Please visit https://www.unce.unr.edu/4H/counties/lyon/ for more information about 4-H in your county.

We are pleased to announce our January leader of the month is Windi Altemeyer!

Windi started her leadership in 4-H as the Fernley Community Club co-leader in 1997 and has been involved ever since. Windi has also had leadership roles in other clubs; including, sports/ fitness, speed stacking, and cooking club.  She has also been a chaperone for 4-H camp, volunteered at numerous community events with 4-H; including, Night in the Country, Lyon County Fair, Angel Tree, Jessica Davis Scholarship fundraising, portfolio workshops, community clean-ups, boxes for servicemen and much, much more in the last 18 years.


We asked Windi why she became a 4-H leader: “I have always been very busy but involved in my children’s lives. Additionally I love teaching, volunteering and sharing my experiences; therefore, becoming a 4-H leader was a natural way to accomplish all of the above”. Windi loves giving back and making a difference in her community. The various volunteer opportunities with 4-H are very rewarding to Windi, “We help many others, we beautify our community, not to mention-its fun!”


We asked Windi what her most memorable 4-H experience was, she told us of her first year at 4-H camp. Windi had her cabin following the rules, lights out by 10:00pm and that’s what they did, as her cabin was trying to sleep all they could hear was the banging and booming of music from the cabin next door. She marched over to this neighboring cabin, swung open the door and demanded to know where their chaperone was; only to find their fearless leader with a sucker in her mouth and creating a strobe light effect with her flashlight for the dance party. If you’ve been to camp, you learn quickly that the “lights out rule” really only means the party doesn’t leave your cabin; youth, teens and adults create so many wonderful memories at camp and years later Windi speaks of this memory as if it was yesterday.


Windi told us that 4-H is important to youth because of the pledge, youth not only recite it but they live by it. 4-H offers opportunities for youth in the community to grow and learn; it teaches life skills, leadership, independence, teamwork, self worth, compassion, confidence, finance and record keeping-just to name a few. “I have watched many children become respected teens, mature college students and accomplished adults. Its a privilege and honor to be considered a role model to the youth of our future. It takes a village.. raising children into mature, productive members of society, I’m glad to be a part of such an amazing village. Thank you to my husband and many friends who have lead along with me”.


Lyon County 4-H if fortunate to have such wonderful leaders and parents. We greatly appreciate the 18 years Windi has volunteered her time and the impact she has made on so many youth. Thank you Windi!

We are excited to announce that Gayle Turk is the Lyon County 4H Leader of the Month for December!

Gayle has been a volunteer 4-H leader for 17 years,this year begins number 18. “Many years ago when my grandson Chris Turk joined 4-H there was a rabbit/cavy leader here in Fernley. They ended up moving to Pleasant Valley and left Fernley with no leader for rabbit club. We continued to attend Community Club meetings waiting for a leader to take over. After over a year of waiting it was apparent nobody wanted to volunteer. I decided if Chris was going to continue with rabbits I needed to step up and take over the club.” 6 years later the Fernley Little Critters 4H Club is still growing.  Members learn the care, grooming, breeds and  how to show rabbits and/or cavy.  “I have made some wonderful friends from being a leader including leaders, parents and kids from several other county 4-H rabbit clubs.”


Gayle tells us that “the most rewarding part of being a 4-H leader is the relationships that have developed over the years.” Although many of her 4H kids have aged out of 4-H we are still very close and some of them as well as their parents continue to help and support club activities and fundraisers.  Families spend countless hours with Gayle and the club planning their annual yard sale,  and also help with hosting the club’s annual rabbit and cavy show. “I don’t know where I would be without their help and support.”

The Fernley Little Critters Club will be hosting their 14th annual in 2016.  “4-H is one of the best programs available for our youth”. Youth who participate in livestock projects are learning the responsibility and commitment associated with the ownership of an animal. Youth who show animals are also required to complete project record books, which are a great learning tool for budgeting, income, and expenses.  “Our youth are the future of our country and I can’t think of a better program than 4-H to help them on their path to success, I look forward to many more years as a 4-H leader”. 

Lyon County 4H Program is thankful for all of Gayle’s hard work and dedication to the 4H program. It is the dedicated leaders that make such a good program, Gayle’s 4H club is one of the strongest Rabbit and Cavy clubs in Northern Nevada.





IMG_7005 (1280x1179)We are excited to announce the November Leader of the Month is Elaine Greene. Elaine has been volunteering with 4-H for over almost 40 years! She got a start early in 4-H as a member as a youth. She has been involved in a variety of clubs over the years, but currently volunteers with clubs in Smith Valley. Volunteering for 4-H is important to her because she wants youth to be able to showcase their hard work by doing well in the show ring. Using a hands-on approach, she loves to work with the kids on improving their showmanship and animal quality. Her best day is when her kids have a big smileIMG_6823 (1280x1179) on their face when they do their best. Elaine wants to make a difference and be there to support each of her kids throughout their projects.

All the livestock programs in Lyon County benefit from her hard work. Elaine is the first one to show up for set up and one of the last ones there cleaning up the space. Her programs give back to Smith Valley community, serving at dinners and providing man-power for events. Sheep are her passion but, swine, skiing, snowmobiling, outdoors, and community clubs have benefited from her life-long involvement in 4-H.


by Kate Schnoor

Lyon Co73215_168203549857550_3152320_nunty 4H is proud to announce our Leader of the Month for October is Linda VanPelt. Linda has been volunteering with 4H for 18 years and has played a crucial role in the Lyon County 4H Program. “I was not a 4-H’er as a youth but when my daughter wanted a guinea pig I suggested she join 4-H to learn how to take care of it and that was the beginning of my family’s 4-H career.”

Linda has been involved with numerous 4H clubs throughout her years as a volunteer; including, Clover buds, Community Club, Toe Painting, Cake Decorating, Dog Club, WHEP and Leaders Council. “I started as a 4-H leader when my little girl was 6 years old.  Her Clover Bud Leader moved away and there wasn’t anyone to take her place. That was in 1997, and so it started.”IMG_3521 (1024x768)

As leaders left, Linda stepped in so the 4H clubs wouldn’t close. “When the Toe Painting leader quit I became that leader, and when the Community club leaders left I once again stepped in with Windi Goodman.  We are the” FCC” duo or “Laurel and Hardie” as we like to refer to ourselves.”  If you have met Linda and Windi, you instantly see their friendship and love for working with youth.

Lyon County 4H has a program referred to as Leaders Council; this is a group of 4H Leaders who help with fundraisers, 4H events, fairs, awards and contests. Linda has been involved with this group for the past 6 years as the Treasure and secretary.

“I was awarded into thtaylorlvst11 (2) (800x600)e Lyon County Hall of Fame in 2010 and also at the state level in 2009. I have had a great experience with all the kids, they make me smile and make it worth all time and effort. I have met many wonderful parents and leaders all over the state. I liked being involved at the state level very much and hope those opportunities are available again to all the amazing, involved and caring leaders that are stepping up and moving our kids forward into new adventures.  The University leaders were exceptionally knowledgeable, fun and helpful.”

“I am always amazed at how the kids and parents are kind and generous with their time and talents. Anytime I needed help I could count on anyone I asked to step in and help.  I have loved being a part of 4-H. I will always bleed green and support 4-H.”