This week, the kids will get to try 3 things: Stokes purple sweet potato,  purple cauliflower and a bonus of Fuyu variety persimmons.

The stokes variety is sweet potato is very unusual and is grown exclusively for freida’s. Their website has lots of interesting information, recipes and where you can purchase this unusual vegetable.

Persimmons are a delicious fruit that is best when it is almost over-ripe. There is a very narrow window of peak freshness for this fruit. Most often, stores have under-ripe fruits. Purchase firm fruits several weeks in advance, place them in a paper bag and place them somewhere in your house to ripen. They will be the sweetest once they are very soft to the touch. They will need to be cooked or eaten within a day or two, once they are ripe.

Purple cauliflower is like a lot of the other colored varieties of cauliflower that we have tried. It tastes like the white stuff, but it has slightly different vitamin profile due to the increase in pigmentation. Almost all the color will fade when cooked, especially if it is boiled or heavily steamed. If you want to preserve the color, gently cook it with a high roast for a short period of time, a short steam or a quick stir fry.