FFVP logoLyon County schools will again be participating in theUSDA Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Program grant through USDA will begin receiving fresh fruits and vegetables from Bonaza Produce to try to encourage youth to eat more fruits and vegetables, expand the experience of trying new fruits and vegetables, and providing healthier food choices. Schools included in the program are: Yerington Elementary School, Dayton Elementary School, Sutro Elementary School, Fernley Elementary School, and Silver Stage Elementary School.

horiz.colorgrape-tomatoUniversity of Nevada Cooperative Extension supplies educational support for this program by creating fruits and vegetable flyers with information about the produce to be eaten that week. The flyers are prepared by Lyon County Extension Educator Joy Paterson and includes information about nutrition, history, horticulture, and fun or odd facts to engage the kids in learning about the food they eat to encourage them to try the produce that is presented. While only students at schools that qualified for the program will receive the fruits and vegetables at school, flyers will be posted to the fresh fruits and vegetable section of the Lyon County Cooperative Extension blog. Parents or teachers can use the flyers to create their own tastings or to discuss fruits and vegetables that the cafeteria served. Specific vegetable or fruit flyers can be requested and will be provided if previously prepared.

This weeks produce is grape tomatoes and honeydew. Have you tasted either of these? Have your kids? If you find these in the supermarket, pick them up and host your own tasting. Try it, you just might like it.