Field Bindweed

Field Bindweed Flowers


Field Bindweed at the Lyon County Cooperative Extension Office

After assisting with the biological control release on field bindweed, I have started to pay attention and I am noticing it more places. I even found it at our office. University of Nevada Cooperative Extension publication “Managing Field Bindweed” has useful information for managing bindweed; if you ever find it hiding in plain sight, like we did. It is a vining plant, with white to pink trumpet shaped flowers and arrow shaped leaves. Not sure if it is bindweed? Send me a picture.
Bindweed is difficult to control, once established. Small areas of infestation should be aggressively managed to prevent spread. Mechanical control requires removing or destroying all the green above ground parts and going several inches into the soil profile to remove the rhizomes as deep as possible. Smothering or solarization will only work if the entire plant is covered long enough to starve below ground portions of the plant. Chemicals can also be effective; however, the area should be monitored and re-treated if any return growth is observed. Biological control is an option for large patches that cannot be treated other ways. Agents have been released in Nevada, but have had limited success establishing.