Marcia in our hoop house next to winter kale

Have you ever stopped by our office to ask a weed question? Or, called to get information or schedule a meeting? You were most likely assisted by Marcia Moffitt. She is not one to shout her accomplishments to the world, but she has been humbly helping the Lyon County community for the last 15 years! Today, Marcia received her 15 years of service award at the county commissioners meeting. While the moment of acknowledgment was brief, I was very proud of her dedication during her time with Lyon County Cooperative Extension.

Marcia in the middle, next to Linda and Kate during a training

Marcia in the middle, next to Linda and Kate during a training

Marcia does not easily fit into any easy category in our office. While she is the first line of contact, answering phones and manning the front desk, she is not just a secretary. She runs the Master Gardener programs, answers horticulture questions and manages our arboretum. Information technology is where her formal training lies, so she keeps our technology up to date, virus free, and connected. If you need to know where something is or how something was done in the past, she is the person to ask. Marcia is also the accounting, paperwork and property manager, making sure everything runs smoothly and equipment is ready when needed. She is willing to share all this knowledge and is not afraid to say when there is something she does not know. Helping solve problems is a skill she has perfected and is the go to person in our office.

The next time you stop by or call to get some information, let Marcia know you appreciate her service too!