Purpose: One of Nevada’s most pressing natural resource issues is the threat of wildfire to human life and property. Much of Nevada is considered a high fire hazard environment, possessing all the ingredients necessary to support intense and uncontrollable wildfires. Within this high hazard environment are individual homes, subdivisions, and entire communities. Unfortunately, many Nevada homeowners are not prepared to survive a wildfire. The Living With Fire program was developed to inform Nevadans about how they can live safer in high fire hazard environments. Living With Fire is not a wildfire prevention program. Despite the best efforts of firefighting agencies, much of Nevada’s wildlands will continue to burn. The purpose of Living With Fire is to teach people how to safely coexist with wildfire when it does occur.

Background: The Living With Fire program began in 1997, when Ed Smith and Paul Tueller of University of Nevada, Reno and Fire Chief Loren Enstaad of the Sierra Front Wildfire Cooperators applied for and received a Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station / Nevada Cooperative Extension Joint Program grant. Together with Nevada’s firefighting organizations, they developed a set of consistent wildfire threat reduction recommendations for Nevadans. These are the foundation of the Living With Fire educational materials and programs. Since then, the program has continued to grow. Today, Living With Fire is a collaborative effort involving the following organizations…

  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Nevada Association of Counties
  • Nevada Fire Safe Council
  • Nevada Division of Forestry
  • Nevada Insurance Council
  • Sierra Front Wildfire Cooperators
  • USDA Forest Service
  • University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

Sponsoring Organizations:

The following organizations are sponsors of the Living With Fire program…

BLM Logo

Bureau of Land Management (BLM): BLM is a federal land management agency and is Nevada’s largest wildland firefighting organization. For information about BLM’s efforts to reduce the wildfire threat to Nevada communities , contact Ruta Glinski at (775) 861-6400, or visit their website at www.blm.gov/nv.

NACO LogoNevada Association of Counties (NACO): NACO was founded in 1924 and is a nonpartisan, nonprofit corporation which is owned, organized and operated by Nevada’s county governments. The membership is composed of Nevada’s county government officials and represents all seventeen counties. For more information, call (775) 883-7863, or visit their website at www.nvnaco.org/NACo.

Nevada Division of Forestry LogoNevada Division of Forestry (NDF): NDF is a state agency that provides crucial firefighting resources throughout Nevada. NDF is also an important manager of Nevada’s natural resources located on private and state lands. For information about NDF’s efforts to reduce the wildfire threat to Nevada communities, contact:

Western Nevada — John Copeland at (775) 849-2500

Central and Northeast Nevada — Greg Beasley at (775) 237-5608

Southern Nevada — Chris Faehling at (702) 962-5543

You may also visit the NDF website at www.forestry.nv.gov.

Nevada Fire Safe Council LogoNevada Fire Safe Council (NFSC): The Nevada Fire Safe Council is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help Nevada’s high fire hazard communities get organized and acquire funds for community-level wildfire threat reduction projects. For more information about the NFSC , visit their website at www.nvfsc.org.

Nevada Insurance Council LogoNevada Insurance Council (NIC): The insurance industry has a deep commitment to helping Nevadans live safely in high fire hazard areas. NIC is comprised of representatives of Nevada’s various insurance companies and has been an important partner in the Living With Fire program. For information about the Nevada Insurance Council, visit their website at www.nevadainsurancecouncil.com.

Sierra Front Wildfire Cooperators LogoSierra Front Wildfire Cooperators (SFWC): The SFWC is a collaborative effort of western Nevada’s and eastern California’s local, state, and federal firefighting agencies. They are one of the original partners in the Living With Fire effort. Contact a representative via email at sierrafront@gmail.com.

USDA Forest Service LogoUSDA Forest Service: Together with BLM, the USDA Forest Service manages the vast majority of Nevada’s wildlands. They have also been important partners in the Living With Fire program. For information about their efforts to protect Nevadans from the threat of wildfire, visit their website at www.fs.fed.us.

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension LogoUniversity of Nevada Cooperative Extension (UNCE): UNCE is a federal, state and county partnership that develops educational programs in response to Nevada’s important issues. They are responsible for managing the Living With Fire program. For information about other Cooperative Extension programs, visit their website at www.unce.unr.edu. For more information about Living With Fire, contact your Cooperative Extension area representative or Sonya Sistare, 775-784-4848 or sistares@unce.unr.edu.

Northern Nevada

Ed Smith, Natural Resource Specialist

(775) 782-9960 or smithe@unce.unr.edu


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