Are you prepared for an emergency evacuation?

This Wildfire Awareness Week, local services representatives are holding a informative workshop at Galena High School to help residents prepare in the event they have to evacuate due to wildfire or other emergencies. In addition to hearing presentations from experts, you’ll have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with those in charge of emergency evacuations.

When: Tuesday, May 1 from 6pm to 8pm

Where: Galena High School

Topics include:

• How evacuation orders are determined
• Emergency notification methods
• Animal evacuation
• Special needs of the elderly
• Citizen responsibility
• Preparing a to-go bag and disaster supply kit

Local services represented include:
• American Red Cross
• City of Reno Fire Department
• North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District
• Sierra Fire Protection District
• Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District
• Washoe County Office of Emergency Management
and Homeland Security
• Washoe County Regional Animal Services
• Washoe County School District
• Washoe County Sheriffs Office
• University of Nevada Cooperative Extension – Living With Fire Program

For more information, contact Wm. T. “Sandy” Munns, City of Reno Fire Department at 775-334-2328 or
Learn more at


There are several events, activities and workshop taking place in western Nevada as part of Nevada Wildfire Awareness Week. Below is a list of events with links for additional information. We hope you can participate in one or more of these events as part of your wildfire preparedness efforts.

Hear presentations from local services providers and discuss your specific questions with experts.

Fun for the family and information too!  Children can visit the fire safety house, meet Smokey Bear and Sparky too, explore helicopters and fire engines and play games.  Adults will have an opportunity to meet local firefighters, visit with vendors, participate in a free raffle for great prizes, and hear a short presentation.

Remove the ornamental junipers from your property, especially the ones located within 30-feet of your home, and take them to one of 4 biomass collection sites (located in Red Rock, Spanish Springs, Virginia Foothills and Washoe Valley) for free disposal.  Only during the date and time mentioned, you will receive a coupon valid for one free #5 replacement plant from Moana Nursery. One per household while supplies last.

Carson City residents can bring their junked junipers to the Galaxy Theater-South Lot for free disposal during the date and time listed.  In exchange, you will receive a coupon from Greenhouse Garden Center valid for a 50% discount on up to 10 shrubs or perennials, limit one coupon per household.

Hear presentations on evacuation preparation and visit with local services representative to discuss your specific questions one-on-one.

In celebration of Nevada Wildfire Awareness Week, Reno Aces Baseball is offering a discount at its home game against the Las Vegas 51s.  Smokey Bear will throw out the first ball!  Discount ticket prices are:

       $5.00 general admission (regular price $6.00)

$10.00 outfield reserved seating (regular price $13.00)

Tickets must be purchased online for this discount, which will NOT be offered at the door. Click here to purchase tickets and use the special offer code: wildfire.

Douglas County residents can bring their ornamental junipers and other flammable vegetation to Bently Agrowdynamics for free disposal and recycling.  You will receive a coupon valid for 10% off of your entire nursery purchase at Lowe’s Home Improvement Store – Carson City location only.

Click here for a complete list of Nevada Wildfire Awareness Week events taking place across Nevada. If you need any publications, posters, information, or want the Living With Fire program to come and talk about wildfire preparedness in your community, give Sonya Sistare a call at 775-336-0271.


The Caughlin Fire quickly burned through southwest Reno’s Horseman’s Canyon destroying five homes and damaging another four. Just to the west of Horseman’s Canyon is Rosewood Canyon, which in terms of vegetation and density of homes, looks very similar to Horseman’s Canyon. Fortunately, for residents living adjacent to Rosewood Canyon, the Caughlin Fire passed them by. However, the threat of wildfire and the potential for loss of life and property has motivated Rosewood Canyon residents to take action  before the next wildfire starts.

The Caughlin Fire burned through Horseman's Canyon, skipping Rosewood Canyon immediately to the west.

This Thursday, April 26, an informational presentation will be held for everyone living near Rosewood Canyon to discuss the threat a wildfire in Rosewood Canyon would pose to neighboring families and homes and how to best address that threat. Please see the flyer below for more details about the event.

The National Interagency Fire Center Predictive Services (NIFC) just released its national wildland fire outlook for April through July and the potential for wildfire in western Nevada is a little concerning.

The NIFC takes a look at three primary factors when compiling its forecast:

1. La Niña/El Niño conditions

2. Drought

3. Fuel Dryness

In terms of drought, almost all of Nevada is expected to see drought persisting or intensifying over the next few months. The image below maps this forecast and shows the problem is widespread across the southwestern states.

What does this mean for wildfire in Nevada? According to NIFC, while there are typically no significant fires during April or May, parts of the Western Great Basin have potential for large fire under windy conditions. Our state has been very dry this winter and the dryness of the fine fuels, like cheatgrass, can rapidly carry fire if an ignition occurs. Toward the close of May the Western Great Basin starts seeing small fires, with fire season reaching full swing in June.

The maps below depict areas with the potential for significant wildfire events. The first map reflects the potential for significant wildfire in April with areas of Washoe County, Douglas County, Storey County, Carson City and Lyon County facing an above normal fire threat. As we move into May the potential for a significant wildfire threatens a much larger swath of Nevada.

This winter the Washoe Drive and Caughlin fires made it readily apparent that wildfires are a year-round threat in our area. Given our wildfire history and the NIFC predictions, we recommend residents begin taking proactive steps to improve the chances their homes, families and property will survive a wildfire. Give the Living With Fire program a call at 775-784-4848 and we’ll mail you a free copy of our publication on Fire Adapted Communities which offers recommendations for things like implementing effective defensible space, ignition-resistant building construction and evacuation planning – all of which increase the likelihood your home and family can survive a wildfire without firefighter assistance. You can also join us at any of the Nevada Wildfire Awareness Week events taking place across the state, beginning April 28th with a kick-off event in Carson City. It’s a time to increase your understanding of the risks and responsibilities of living in wildfire-prone areas.

To view the complete NIFC report on the National Wildland Significant Fire Potential Outlook for April through July, click here.


Community Biomass Collection Sites are open and ready for collection of vegetative waste from residents throughout the Truckee Meadows this spring. Sponsored by the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District and Washoe County the four collection sites will allow residents to thin live vegetation and remove dead and dying fuels from around their properties and then dispose of the combustible vegetation at the community sites. Creating defensible space decreases the threat to your property in the event of a wildfire.

Homeowners with a trailer-load of vegetation to be dumped at the Junk the Junipers event in Carson City last year.

When: April 1 through June 30, 2012


North Valleys

Silver Lake Volunteer Fire Station

11525 Red Rock Road


Spanish Springs

470 Rockwell Blvd


Virginia Foothills

East end of Kenneth Drive


Washoe Valley

Truckee Meadows Fire Station #16

1240 Eastlake Blvd


The intent of this project is to encourage homeowners to create defensible space, reduce hazardous fuels and promote the creation of Fire Adapted Communities. To support homeowner’s efforts throughout Northern Nevada, Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District and Washoe County are continuing the past year’s practice of establishing sites where residents can bring the results of their clean-up efforts. The creation of defensible space increases the chances of your property surviving a wildland fire and gives firefighters an extra advantage of protecting your home and those of your neighbors. For additional information on wildfire preparedness, please visit

Accepted items for collection include:

  • Trees, tree branches, all brush, weeds, dead Trees, tree bark, old firewood

Items that will NOT be accepted include:

  • Sod, lawn clippings, manure, hay, dimensional lumber, commercial waste, trash, or rocks

Please contact Nancy Leuenhagen, Washoe County’s Community Relations Manager, at 775-328-6169 with any questions.