It can be a little nerve-racking to try something new – like joining 4-H. Take some time to welcome new 4-H members and their families by getting to know them and sharing information about how 4-H works. Here are some ideas to welcome new families into your club:

  • Play a few get acquainted games at the first meeting of the 4-H year
  • When discussing or voting, give an explanation of what you are discussing so members and their parents understand the issue or activity
  • Share your newsletter
  • Explain why deadlines are important
  • Club Officers, Project Leaders and General Leaders- think about the things you might forget to tell new members; write it down and share it
  • Tell new families about your club’s traditions, fundraisers and service projects
  • Invite new members to sit by you (quietly explain what’s going on in the meeting)
  • Talk with new members at school, the grocery store, soccer practice, etc.
  • Be a friend and have fun!

Oct. 1 New 4-H Year
Oct. 1 Carcass Workshop, 6 p.m., GBC Health Science room 107
Oct. 12 Record books due to the Extension Office by n 4:30 p.m.
Oct. 12 County Officer applications due to the Extension Office by 4:30 p.m.
Oct. 12 Scholarship applications and Outstanding 4-Her due by 4:30 p.m.
Oct. 20 Record Book Judging, 701 Walnut St., Elko, 8 a.m.
Oct. 25 Record Book Final Judging, 701 Walnut St., Elko, 8 a.m.
Oct. 25 General Leaders’ Meeting, 701 Walnut St., Elko, 5:30 p.m.

Date to Remember! February 15 4-H News Submission Deadline

The 2017-2018 4-H year began on October 1, 2017. Don’t forget to re-sign up for the new 4-H year. 4-H volunteers and 4-H youth must re-enroll each year if they plan to continue on with their clubs and projects. Enrollment forms are available at the Extension Office or they can be emailed to you. The forms are not available yet on the State 4-H website due to updates that are taking place on the site.

If you missed the 4-H Awards Banquet in November, please stop by the Extension Office and pick up your project sheets/record books and any pins that you may have received.

The 4-H Small Animal Committee will meet on Friday, January 19, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. in the Video Room at the Extension Office.

January 15, 2018 is a holiday and the Extension Office will be closed.

There will be a Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting class offered on February 1, 2018, 6 – 9 p.m. via Interactive Video at the Extension Office. All new 4-H volunteers are asked to
attend this training.

February 16, 2018, 4-H Small Animal Committee Meeting, Video Room, 6:00 p.m.

February 19, 2018 is a holiday and the Extension Office will be closed.

March 1, 2018 4-H market beef declaration deadline.

March 10, 2018 Nevada State 4-H Teen Leadership Conference via Interactive Video. For teens ages 13-19, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


For updated calendar information please visit:

Please add to your safe email list if you are receiving your newsletters via email.

The Humboldt County 4-H Program has a Facebook page. Remember to click “Like” and check receive notifications so you can keep up to date on all the happenings with 4-H in Humboldt County!!/HumboldtCountyNevada4H

All newsletters are now available via email (if you provide one on your enrollment form), available through a link on the Humboldt County Nevada 4-H Facebook page and available on the Humboldt County 4-H page via the State 4-H website.

Hardcopies of the newsletter are available at the Extension Office if you would like to stop by and pick one up.

Attention Leaders: If you are planning to holding meetings at the Extension Office or in the 4-H Barn, please take a few minutes to write down your dates and give us a call to verify you will have meeting space, otherwise you may wind up outside. ALSO – contact the Extension Office and your youth if you cancel a meeting so we do not have children being dropped off and left unattended.

  • January 19: 4-H Small Animal Committee meeting, Video Room, 6:00 p.m.
  • February 1: 4-H Volunteer Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Class, Video Room, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.
  • February 5: Deadline for 4-H National Conference Registration.
  • February 16: 4-H Small Animal Committee meeting, Video Room, 6:00 p.m.
  • February 19: Holiday, Extension Office closed.
  • March 1: 4-H market steer declaration deadline, 5:00 p.m. to the Extension Office.
  • March 10: Nevada State 4-H Teen Leadership Conference, Extension Office Video Room, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart” ~ Elizabeth Andrews

If your club is holding club meetings at the Extension Office and providing snacks/food at these meetings, you must also provide your own plates, cups, napkins, etc. Also, please remember to sweep up the floor in the 4-H Kitchen/Meeting Room/Exhibit Hall if food gets dropped or spilled and if you are using the Video Room, please use the vacuum in the storage area for clean-up. Thank you for your due diligence in keeping the 4-H rooms/facility spiffy!

There will be a Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Class offered via Interactive Video on February 1, 2018 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. This class is open to all 4-H volunteers and it is suggested that you take this class if possible. The class is required for all new 4-H volunteers. If you have signed up to be a 4-H volunteer in the last year, you will be receiving information on this class in an email. For more information or to register for the class, contact the Extension Office at 623-6304.

The 2017 4-H Awards Night was held on November 17, 2017 at the Extension Office in the 4-H Meeting Room. Thank you to the 2016-2017 4-H County Ambassadors, Kerstin Christiansen, Makayla Leveille, Conscious Stettler, Bailey Raabe, Marquette Cassinelli, Kadence Cooney and Ava Zebroski for doing an outstanding job of hosting the evening.

The following 4-H leaders and members received recognition:

  • County Ambassadors: Kerstin Christiansen, Makayla Leveille, Bailey Raabe and Conscious Stettler.
  • Junior 4-H Ambassadors: Marquette Cassinelli, Kadence Cooney and Ava Zebroski.
  • Teen Leaders:
    • First Year: Lily Pasquale.
    • Fourth Year: Conscious Stettler.
  • Star Rank:
    • White Star: Kadence Cooney, Savannah Foley, Melene Nye, Kalli Raabe and Ryleigh Raabe.
    • Red Star: Marquette Cassinelli and Bailey Raabe.
    • Blue Star: MattieRose Johnson.
    • Gold Star: Makayla Leveille.
  • Poultry Levels:
    • Level One: Ella Bidaurreta, Marquette Cassinelli, Kadence Cooney, Anjolie Karrer, Melene Nye, Bailey Raabe, Ava Zebroski and Lennox Zebroski.
  • Record Book Medals:
    • Junior Books:
      • Gold: Melene Nye, Kalli Raabe, Kaitlyn Hartley.
      • Silver: Reese Wilkinson.
    • Intermediate Books:
      • Gold: Kadence Cooney, MattieRose Johnson, Ryleigh Raabe.
      • Silver: Savannah Foley, Marquette Cassinelli, Tristan Cassinelli and Rylee Wilkinson.
      • Bronze: Paul Castonguay.
    • Senior Books:
      • Gold: Makayla Leveille, Layton Johnson and Bailey Raabe.
  • Leader Year Certificates:
    • 1st year: Giovette Cassinelli, Karin Cooney, Jessica Domire, Mallory Eckstut, Lorri Glasgow, Tahnee Marley and Gary Robbins.
    • 2nd Year: Rachel Bourbon, Becky Hill, Josh Cassinelli, Lacy Thompson, Amanda Tollefsrud and Kari Miller.
    • 3rd Year: Kenni Brock, Debbie Kliewer, Shelley Leveille and Stacy Voges.
    • 4th Year: Megan Barton and Kevin Pasquale.
    • 5th Year: Belle Bundy and Kelly Draper.
    • 6th Year: Cathy Castillo and Dawn Christiansen.
    • 8th Year: Dennis Deputy, Will Hall and Buck Johnson.
    • 9th Year: John Bell, Cheryl Hall, Jennifer Partee, Kenny Smith and Maureen Smith.
    • 10th Year: Jhona Bell.
    • 12th Year: Kim Creedon, Barbara Duncan and Ed Partee.
    • 13th Year: Ginger Odekirk.
    • 20th Year: Randi Fretwell and Judy Henigin.
    • 21st Year: Jody Vesco.
    • 23rd Year: Glenda Deputy and Janet Johnson.
    • 24th Year: Lorna Odekirk.
    • 28th Year: Beth Thompson.
  • Leader of the Year: Debbie Kliewer.
  • Cloverbud Certificates: Fin Baldwin, Ava Dafoe, Bo Dafoe, Ira Dempsey, Izzah Foley, Hannah Haas, Tryp Hall, Taylor Hill, Hadley Knox, Kelton Knox, Korbin Knox, Ananoel Miller, Kaycee Sanchez, Emma Schommer, Hailey Shepard, Luci Smith, Malachi Walter, Jackson Weaver, Chasen Wilkinson and Thomas Voges.
  • Youth Membership:
    • 1st Year: Jakob Bell, Sarah Buckingham, Logan Dafoe, Lincoln Dempsey, Allie Fait, Ava Frey, Kaitlyn Hartley, Hadley Hatch, Tanner Hatch, Anthony Hemp, Tyann Kern, Hannah Long, Natalie Mori, Cody Noyes, Weston Noyes, Katelin Noyes, Savannah Noyes, Kalli Raabe, Lexxy Robison, Shailee Robison, Jason Sage, Paris Stewart, Nate Thompson, Reese Wilkinson, Will Wolverton and Lennox Zebroski.
    • 2nd Year: Isabella Bartell, Exavier Ceballos, Miranda Draper, Lela Domire, Edgar Duarte, Sierra Fears, Paul Castonguay, Cooper Hill, Dominic Jensen, Anjolie Karrer, Melene Nye, Bailey Peterson, Bailey Raabe, Ryleigh Raabe, JayLynn Smith, Hannah Thompson and Cassidy Vincent.
    • 3rd Year: Ella Bidaurreta, Martin Bidaurreta, Bryce Brinkerhoff, Mesa Brock, Dante Cassinelli, Marquette Cassinelli, Kadence Cooney, Savannah Foley, MattieRose Johnson, Nathan Stettler and Rylee Wilkinson.
    • 4th Year: Alison Aitken, Brenton Baker, Peyton Jo Cassinelli, Tristan Cassinelli, Amanda Draper, Gus Ferraro, Wade Mori, Caden Montero, Timothy Patchen, MaKenzie Voges and Ava Zebroski.
    • 5th Year: Glen Bourbon, Macy Munroe, Mathew Patchen, Patrick Patchen and Colton Vincent.
    • 6th Year: Dacotah Anelli, Bailee Brinkerhoff, Luis Duarte, Brett Ferraro, Emma Fretwell, Sarah Johnsen, Makayla Leveille and Isaac Mori.
    • 7th Year: Cade Bell, Hunter Christiansen, Danyelle Draper, Layton Johnson and Lily Pasquale.
    • 8th Year: Kerstin Christiansen, Heath Hall, Heather Hall and Conscious Stettler.
    • 9th Year: Quint Bell, Emilio Duarte, Seth Duncan and Eric Venzor.
    • 10th Year: Katelyn Rose and Shauna Smith.
    • 11th Year: Hayley Hall.
  • 4-H Spirit of Excellence Member Award: Bailey Raabe.
  • County Awards:
    • Beef: Brenton Baker, Lincoln Dempsey, Edgar Duarte and Cooper Hill.
    • Cavy: Kalli Raabe and Nathan Stettler.
    • Cooking: Savannah Foley, Conscious Stettler and Nathan Stettler.
    • Crafts: Glen Bourbon, Savannah Foley and Kaitlyn Hartley.
    • Dogs: Emma Fretwell.
    • Drawing & Painting: Conscious Stettler.
    • Food Preservation: Emma Fretwell.
    • Gardening: Melene Nye.
    • Goats: Ella Bidaurreta, Marquette Cassinelli, Cooper Hill and Makayla Leveille.
    • Horse: Mesa Brock, Glen Bourbon, Conscious Stetter.
    • Leather Craft: Timothy Patchen.
    • Legos: Savannah Foley.
    • Livestock Judging: Hunter Christiansen, Kerstin Christiansen, Cooper Hill, Cody Noyes and Weston Noyes.
    • Photography: Layton Johnson, MattieRose Johnson, Melene Nye.
    • Poultry: Ella Bidaurreta, Marquette Cassinelli, Kadence Cooney, Melene Nye, Bailey Raabe, Ava Zebroski and Lennox Zebroski.
    • Rabbits: Hannah Long and Ryleigh Raabe.
    • Rocketry: Jakob Bell, Korbin Knox and Lennox Zebroski.
    • Sheep: Logan Dafoe, Amanda Draper, Danyelle Draper, Miranda Draper, Hadley Hatch, Tanner Hatch, Tyann Kern and MaKenzie Voges.
    • Shooting Sports: Heath Hall, Tyann Kern and Lily Pasquale.
    • Skillathon/Quiz Bowl: Dacotah Anelli, Cody Noyes, Weston Noyes.
    • Swine: Glen Bourbon, Colton Vincent, Katelyn Noyes, Savannah Noyes, Tristian Cassinelli and Exavier Ceballos.

The Blue Ribbon Beef Club met on November 15, 2017 in the 4-H Kitchen. Brenton called the meeting to order. Pledges were recited by Jason and Lincoln. We had a presentation from veterinarian, Katie Estill. She went over a lot of information about livestock with us. We talked about the decorations for our float in December. We also talked about ideas for a banner for our club. Members present were Brenton Baker, Conscious Stettler, Jason Sage, Tristan Cassinelli, Thomas Voges, MaKenzie Voges, Lincoln Dempsey and Logan Dafoe. Submitted by Conscious Stettler.

The Blue Ribbon Beef Club met on December 12, 2017 in the 4-H Kitchen. Brenton called the meeting to order. Pledges were recited by Lincoln and Conscious. Minutes from the last meeting were read. Lincoln made a motion to approve the minutes as read and Jason gave a second to the motion. Minutes were approved as read. We worked on decorating our float for the Parade of Lights. We talked about what everyone will wear on the float since it will most likely be very cold. We worked on writing thank you notes to people that helped us with the float and banner. Members present were MaKenzie Voges, Brenton Baker, Tristan Cassinelli, Thomas Voges, Logan Dafoe, Jason Sage, Lincoln Dempsey and Conscious Stettler. Submitted by Conscious Stettler.

The Chicken Whisperers met on November 13, 2017 in the 4-H Kitchen. We finished working on our wreath that we are donating for the Festival of Trees. We had hot chocolate and cookies and we voted on our entry name for the Festival of Trees. Members present were Melene Nye, Ella Bidaurreta, Kadence Cooney, Addison Ringer, Paxton Hall, Kelton Knox, Hadley Knox and Korbin Knox. Submitted by Melene Nye.

The Chicken Whisperers met on January 8, 2018 in the 4-H Kitchen. We had a twenty question poultry quiz to go over poultry facts. The cloverbuds worked on coloring poultry pictures. We talked about what we want to learn this year and how we can gain more knowledge about our birds. Members present were Melene Nye, Paxton Hall, Malachi Walter, Ava Zebroski and Addison Ringer. Submitted by Melene Nye.

The Crafty Critters met on December 4, 2017 in the 4-H Kitchen. We talked about what kinds of crafts were are going to make in the coming months and some months we will work on two craft projects at the meeting. Today we made twine angels for our project craft. Members present were Kaitlyn Hartley. Submitted by leader, Cathy Castillo.

The Crafty Critters met on January 8, 2018 in the Video Room. We worked on two craft projects today. We made ghosts out of soup cans and a wreath made out of pompoms and cardboard. Today we got the dates for all of the upcoming meetings and crafts we will be working on for the year. Members present were Kaitlyn Hartley and Hannah Haas. Submitted by leader, Cathy Castillo.