If you are interested in being part of 4-H and would like to serve on an Elko County 4-H committee, please call Brianna at the Extension Office, 738-7291. Youth, adults and volunteers are encouraged to sign-up. The deadline for committee sign-ups will be February 2. Committees play an important role in how the 4-H program operates. Your commitment as a committee member will be to:

  • Plan, implement and evaluate educational activities that are based off of the life skills model
  • Select an educational theme for each workshop that focuses on knowledge gain and skill building. Each activity should be related to the workshop theme
  • Plan hands-on, engaging and fun activities to help youth learn more about their project
  • Set workshop/clinic dates, times and locations
  • Provide information about the workshop activities, things youth need to bring, cost, time, date, location, etc. for the monthly newsletter
  • Set contest dates, times and locations at least two months in advance
  • Work with the 4-H Extension Coordinator on planning and implementation
  • Find sponsorships and donations for project related workshops and events


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