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University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development Entering Volunteers (Contingent Workers) into Workday


Volunteers are now referred to as Contingent Workers. There are three types of Contingent Workers as a Volunteer in Workday. Those three are:

  1. Limited (3 days or less volunteering)-These would be what we would consider Resource Volunteer Leaders. It would include workshop instructors, fair judges, etc.
  2. Extended (3 days or more volunteering)-This is the majority of the 4-H Volunteer Leaders, 4-H Camp Chaperones, etc.
  3. Library access and NET ID only-Nevada 4-H should not have any contingent workers in this category.

Each Department or Program (4-H Youth Development, Master Gardner’s, etc.) must enter Contingent Workers into Workday. This can be done by either Admin Asst. in the office or by 4-H personnel. If you do not have access to enter volunteer leaders into Workday, you can request that access through a Workday ticket . If you are unable to get permission through the Workday ticket, please contact the State 4-H Office. In the Workday ticket, be sure to include the employees name and employee number and the basis for the request. Also, you need to make sure to cc your supervisor so everyone is on the same page.

There are three steps to this process:

  1. The county personnel (either administrative assistant or 4-H personnel) will enter the Contingent Worker’s initial basic information into Workday. The contingent worker will need to be there when entering this data because it will require a social security number and birthdate.
  2. The Contingent Worker gets approval by the 4-H personnel’s manager.
  3. Contingent Worker completes the on-boarding process through Workday via email notification. On this step, you will need to stay on top of them to make sure they complete everything.

When entering information into Workday, you will only paper form that is needed is the Terms of Agreement, which can be printed out via Workday.

The Process for Entering Contingent Workers:

Here are the steps to entering Volunteer Leaders into Workday:

  1. Go to the Workday Homepage.
  2. Go to the search bar on the top left of the screen and enter “Contingent Worker.”
  3. There will be several results that will appear. You will select “Contract Contingent Worker.”
  4. You will be required to select the Supervisory Organization. Search “My Organizations” and select your name with “POOLED” next to your name.
  5. Then you will have two choices-
    1. Existing Pre Hire (this is someone who is already in the system)
    2. Create a New Pre Hire (someone who you are entering for the first time)
  6. Be sure to click on the “OK “button that will appear at the bottom.
  7. The “Contract Contingent Worker” template will then appear.
    1. You do not need to complete the top portion of the page (Source, Referred, Comments) but you DO need to check the box “Allowing Duplicates.”
  8. Start with the second portion of the page (Legal Name Information and Contact Information).
    1. Fields with a *red asterisks are REQUIRED FIELDS.
    2. Second portion has TWO TABS (Legal Name/Contact Info). Both are required
  9. Once all info in both sections is filled in, hit the “OK” button at the bottom of screen
  10. New Template will appear:
    1. In this section, you will need to fill in the information regarding the start date (Can’t be a weekend date), Contingent Worker Type (volunteer), Job Profile (In This Organization/Volunteer B), FT/PT (P/T), Location (UNR Extension County Name), End Date (3 years from start date) and add any necessary comments.
    2. The necessary comments section, this is where you can attach the “Terms of Agreement” form that the volunteer leader has signed.
  11. Hit SUBMIT button
  12. The next page will show that the contract for that Volunteer Leader has been submitted.
  13. You will need to “Change the Personal Information” and click “Open.”
  14. This is the page where you will enter the volunteer leader’s personal information such as gender, date of birth, ethnicity/race.
  15. Click “Submit”
  16. The next screen will show that you have submitted the personal information and then prompt you to “Edit Government ID’s.” Select “Open”
  17. You will select the “Plus” sign to get the drop down menu for the entry box. “Select “National ID’s.”
  18. You will enter the Country and then ID Type “SSN”
  19. You will enter the Volunteer Leader’s Social Security Number.
  20. You may have to enter their Driver’s License number or other ID information.
  21. Select “Approve” after you have entered all of the data.
  22. Your portion is all DONE!
  23. At this point, the Supervisor for the person who entered the Volunteer Leader’s information into Workday will need to approve. They will receive a notification via Workday about the new pending Contingent Worker and they will have the ability to review information and select “Approve”

Onboarding for Volunteer Leader

Once the manager approves, the Contingent Worker will receive an email with instructions on how to get to Workday, how to log on and how to make a profile. Be sure to tell them to look at their spam email folder. The email is typically sent within 1 day.

Once they log into Workday, new Contingent Workers will receive a notification that will automatically be in their Workday inbox (top right of screen). They can update their demographic information.

The next message that will pop up in their Workday Inbox will be a prompt to change their emergency contacts and to review and acknowledge the Nevada System of Higher Education required policies and terms. When they click “I Agree” and “Submit,” the process is DONE!

Once this step is complete, the Contingent Worker is ready to volunteer.

Uploading Documents to Contingent Workers’ Profiles

You will want to upload the UNCE Volunteer Agreement, the Child Protection Policy Certification of Completion Documents, and other important documents into the volunteer leader’s Workday profile. To do this, here are the steps.

  1. Locate the Contingent Worker and pull up their Profile.
  2. From the navigation on the left side, choose Personal
  3. You will see a screen with the documents uploaded during the onboarding process. Click on the Add button
  4. Drop or select the files you would like to upload
  5. For the Document Category select Contingent Worker Contract and in the Comment put the title of the document
  6. Click OK in the bottom left corner