4-H Youth Development

Washoe County 4-H Clubs

If you know of a youth 5 to 19 years of age who wants to join a club with youth their own age and learn about earth sciences, geocaching and map reading, the proper techniques for archery and other shooting sports, cooking, sewing, gardening, how to ride and take care of horses, or how to raise animals, then look no further than 4-H.

In Washoe County, 4-H club programming is project-driven; meaning that each club focuses on one project area. There are currently clubs for cooking, sewing, horse, livestock (beef, swine, sheep and goats), small animals (rabbits, cavy and poultry), shooting sports (archery, air pistol, air rifle and .22), gardening and adventure (hiking, GPS, entomology and more). But a 4-H club can cover any topic that an adult in the community would like to share with youth.

Whipsters at Dee Bakery.

Besides the camaraderie of the 4-H clubs, 4-H members also have the opportunity to attend other 4-H events: local and county shows in their project area, 4-H Ambassadors – a statewide service group, Capital Days with Nevada lawmakers in Carson City and the yearly 4-H Western Area Camp at the 4-H camp at Lake Tahoe. Some county events can qualify a member for state and even national 4-H competitions.

4-H club members range from 5 to 19 years of age; regular members age 9 to 19 years and "Cloverbuds" youth ages 5 to 8. Cloverbuds participate in club activities, and help at club events, but are not judged at the same level as older members, and have some restrictions when it comes to exhibition and competition.

Below you will find more about the available clubs in the Washoe area. Current leaders and members will also find a list of downloadable forms and publications. You can also contact us at 775-336-0259 or email mitchells@unce.unr.edu. See some of what is happening with 4-H in Washoe County – like us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/washoecounty4-H.

Washoe County 4-H Club List

Club Focus
4-H Crystal Blazers Youth Science Club - varied subjects
4-H Sewing Clovers Sewing
4-H Sewing Clovers Sewing
Clover STEMs Science Club Youth Science Club - electronics and technology
Eyes for Tomorrow Guide Dog Training guide dog (includes some adult members)
4-H Poultry Club Poultry for show or farm project
High Sierra 4-H K9 Club Dog training and agility
High Sierra Riders Horse riding and maintenance
Leg of Lamb Raising market and breeding sheep
Merry Milkers Milk goats and breeding goats
Mountain Mustangs Horse riding and maintenance
Rabbitears Rabbit raising for show
Reno Rabbits Rabbit raising for show and market
Sagebrush Livestock Sheep and swine market animals
Side of Beef Raising market steers
Silver Knolls Spurs Horse riding and maintenance
Slab of Bacon Raising market and breeding swine
Spanish Springs Trailblazers Horse riding and maintenance
Stickies 4-H Beekeeping Beekeeping
Tahoe Rim Riders Horse riding and maintenance - Club is in Tahoe area
Washoe Sharpshooters Archery, air rifle, air pistol and .22 rifle
Whipsters Cooking and food preparation

Updated March 6, 2018